the 10 most common excuses from working out – don’t get trapped!

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Any excuse to avoid exercise can work. Here are our most common explanations for lack of motivation to complete a workout.


This is the most common and understandable excuse. It’s hard to find the motivation to keep working out if you lack the strength to get out of bed. Lack of energy, sore muscles, soreness, and a bad mood can not only prevent you from mobilizing to go to the gym, but also make your workout ineffective.

Overtraining syndrome is very common in people who are regularly physically active. The key to finding motivation may be sports apps that show the progress being made and show the real work being done.

I need to rest

Taking time to relax and recover an exhausted body is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is impossible to keep working at full speed all the time. An excuse based on required rest should not be a problem.

You should change the way you think about exercise. Effective relaxation and recovery time should be part of your workout, not a separate part of it that allows you to opt out of regular exercise.

I don’t have the right equipment

An excuse that should not be an obstacle to physical activity at all. In the era of home training, you don’t need any professional sports equipment to play sports. All you need is a phone or laptop on which you can run a free workout recording, a little space, and a comfortable outfit, even a home tracksuit.

I’ll start tomorrow

A typical excuse that makes only a trivial promise. It’s usually the case that what can be done tomorrow is worth starting today. Postponing your workout to another day will make it a part of your day that can be changed and rescheduled at will, so each time there will be a new reason not to start exercising. This kind of thinking certainly won’t improve your fitness and body shape.

I don’t have time to train

Everything is a matter of proper organization. As well as time for rest, time for training must also be found. Even a few minutes of exercise at home every day is enough – the main thing is to make it systematic.

Training can also be a form of relaxation. With physical activity, your thoughts are diverted to exercise for a while and you can concentrate fully on performing your movements correctly.

I can’t do it

The level of training can be adapted to the individual abilities of each trainee. Starting out in sport can be difficult and requires a lot of energy, time and motivation. However, there is no way that you will not be able to cope with the simplest exercises. You can do fewer repetitions and training in a shorter time, and increase the load as your condition improves and you make progress.


The atmosphere outside may have been a valid excuse against the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, the only exercise you can do outdoors is cycling, running and the recently popular walruses.

All sports, fitness and gym facilities are closed and there is no telling when they will reopen. The most popular workout these days is a set of exercises at home, using video tutorials that are not affected by the weather.

I don’t know how to exercise

On the Internet you can find a wide range of workouts and recordings, in which the presenters explain the movements in detail. There’s something for everyone, and the easiest sets of exercises are simple moves already taught in school P.E. classes.

I won’t lose weight anyway

Physical activity is not only to lose weight, but first of all to take care of your health. Training helps stimulate the digestive system, increases the production of endorphins and strengthens immunity.

I am ashamed of my body

There is nothing to be ashamed of. You go to the gym to improve your figure, so it’s obvious that people with different body types come to the gym.

If feeling ashamed is stressful enough to prevent you from working out in public in peace, it’s a good idea to wear wider clothes that cover up your round curves.

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