How do I dress for exercises done at home?

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Comfort while performing training is a very important aspect that improves the efficiency of the athlete. Sportswear should be properly fitted, comfortable and made of the highest quality materials. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect sportswear.

When is it worth investing in professional clothing?

Home exercises do not require sports clothing from professional stores. For starters, leggings or sweatpants and a comfortable t-shirt will suffice. But if your post-quarantine exercise plan moves to the gym or running trails, it’s worth investing in specialized clothing now. New sportswear with a stylish design can not only improve your comfort while exercising, but also positively affect your mood and increase your motivation.

Women love to look good and wear nice clothes. It is no different when it comes to exercise. The right outfit will certainly boost your mood and get you out of your home clothes for a while. Additionally, well-fitting sportswear supports proper exercise, increases comfort and reduces the risk of injury, especially when choosing the right shoes.

What clothes should appear in the sports closet?

Athletic attire should be appropriately tailored for the exercises that will be performed. For choreographed classes, for example, zumba or step, recommended are ankle boots that will stabilize the leg, a light and comfortable blouse and matching leggings.

During wellness exercises, i.e. yoga, pilates and gym ball, fishnets, cotton T-shirt will be perfect, and for those who do not like to exercise barefoot – socks with non-slip stickers. Cardio type exercises require a top made of sweat-absorbing material, shorts, sports bra and comfortable shoes with good cushioning. If you do home workouts regularly, it’s worth investing in at least two sets of workout clothes.

A standard sports set should include properly fitted underwear, including a bust-supporting sports bra, T-shirt or strapless top, pants and sports shoes suitable for the surface on which the workout will take place. Athletic clothing should be close to the body and not have buttons that could interfere with exercise. Tight clothing increases comfort and reduces the risk of chafing.

How to get the right fit in sportswear?

When choosing clothes for home workouts, you should pay attention to several parameters and elements of the outfit that will significantly affect the level of comfort of their use. The basic issue is the material from which the garment is made.

It is good to choose breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and absorb sweat. If you sweat a lot during training, it is worth investing in antibacterial materials that eliminate unpleasant smells. When deciding to buy sportswear, it is worth reviewing the offer of several stores and brands, compare prices and choose the cut of clothing that will suit individual preferences.

Special attention should also be paid to footwear. Sports shoes must fit the foot well and have a non-slip sole at least 1.5 centimeters thick. The ideal choice would be the so-called multisport shoes, which are shoes suitable for practicing different sports. You can also find cushioned models at the front and back, which are great for high-impact activities such as step, cardio or body attack.

Proper underwear is also an important aspect when choosing sportswear. A bra is especially important to increase comfort, stabilize the breasts and reduce sweating. According to research, underwear that properly supports the breasts reduces by 70% the vertical movements to which the breasts are exposed during dynamic exercise, thereby reducing ligament tension.

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