The Different Types of Women’s Cycling Clothing

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The cycling apparel market is saturated with several different types of women’s cycling clothing designed to keep you warm, cool, and dry during your ride. So before planning to ride your bike regularly, you will probably want to invest in some cycling apparel specifically made for women if you plan on doing any serious biking or joining your local bike club. There are different types of womens cycling clothing available today and you need to find the perfect one for yourself. Here are some of the top types of womens cycling clothing you can buy if you plan on making cycling part of your lifestyle.

Women’s cycling shorts

When choosing women’s cycling shorts, your primary concern should be fit and function. There are three main kinds of shorts—competition, casual, and commuter—and they are worn primarily for their intended purpose: to make you go faster. 

With that in mind, here is a description of each type of women’s cycling shorts.

Types of Women’s Cycling Shorts

Competition style shorts

If you are going to ride competitively or want a pair of shorts with more structure and compression, then look for competition-style shorts made from nylon or Lycra (typically found on higher-end products). These have compressive elements built into them to help keep muscles warm and protected from damage during activity. Most will also have an integrated chamois pad sewn into them as well, which helps absorb impact when riding over rough terrain or cobblestone streets. Competition-style shorts usually offer some kind of reflective detailing as well, so if safety is important to you these might be worth looking at. 

Casual cycling shorts

Consider casual cycling shorts if you’re just planning on doing some recreational cycling or commuting. They won’t have any compressive features in them, but they do provide enough coverage that you can wear them out in public without having to worry about being too exposed. The fit tends to be looser than other styles, but most women find that they stay put while pedaling thanks to elastic waistbands and sometimes even drawstrings. The fabric used in casual cycling shorts tends to vary widely; many brands use fabrics designed specifically for activewear like cotton/spandex blends that wick moisture away from your skin quickly. 

Commuter Cycling Shorts

If you want something more comfortable than competition-style shorts but don’t want to sacrifice performance, then commuter cycling shorts are what you need. They tend to be made from nylon and spandex (sometimes mesh) materials that help keep air flowing through them so you don’t overheat when riding in hot weather. They also tend to have an elastic waistband as well as an integrated chamois pad, which makes them perfect for longer rides where comfort is key. Most commuter cycling shorts also feature reflective detailing for added safety when riding at night or during early morning hours. 

Women’s Cycling Tights

Tights that cover from just below your knee to just above your ankle are referred to as women’s cycling tights. Some people use these in place of shorts during cooler weather; others wear them under shorts during warmer weather so they don’t have to worry about their pants riding up while they’re pedaling. Tight leggings tend to come in thicker fabrics like spandex, which means they’ll keep you warm even if you’re riding in cool temperatures.

When choosing women’s tights, your primary concern should be fit and function. Tights made for road biking tend to have compressive elements built into them that help keep muscles warm and protected from damage during activity. 

Women’s Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are basically sleeves that go over your forearms. They’re great for keeping your arms warm without having to wear full-length arm sleeves. 

Women’s Cycling Jersey

To get started with your cycling, make sure you have your cycling jersey. Wearing a good-quality cycling jersey will help keep you more aerodynamic while riding. Many jerseys are constructed to wick away moisture from your body so that you stay cool and dry even when working up a sweat on those hills or sprinting in a race. You should choose your jersey based on which type of bike you ride most frequently. You may want to choose one that is insulated for winter rides or one that is lightweight for summer rides.

Types of Women’s Cycling Jersey

Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey: A short sleeve jersey is exactly what it sounds like—it covers your torso and arms, but leaves your arms bare. These jerseys are typically made out of thin material (like cotton), which makes them good for summer rides

Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey: As its name suggests, a long sleeve jersey covers more of your body than a short sleeve jersey does. It extends all the way down to your wrists, making it ideal for cold-weather cycling. 

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