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A well-chosen workout outfit affects your comfort and gives you the ability to move freely. For women practicing yoga is one of the most important elements of a successful workout. Check which yoga clothes are fashionable this season!

Where to look for stylish yoga outfits?

Choosing the right outfit for practicing yoga should be a thoughtful purchase. When choosing specific products, it is a good idea to use brands that specialize in this type of sportswear. This way you can be sure that the outfit has passed all the necessary tests and has been designed with practicing this sport in mind. Using popular brands also ensures that you choose the season’s most fashionable colors, cuts and combinations. The outfit will not just be a necessary piece of equipment for exercise, but a fashionable style that will increase both physical and mental comfort during training.

Many trainers dedicated to the practice of yoga sign their name to specific collections or brands, so it is worth reading their recommendation and choosing an outfit to suit your individual preferences and needs. One of the lovers of yoga is Julia Wieniawa, who founded her own brand of clothes dedicated just to this physical activityOn the market you can also find products designed by the most popular yoga trainer in Poland – Gosia Mostowska.

What parameters to pay attention to when choosing a yoga outfit?

The basic issue is the material used. As with all sportswear, the textiles used to make the garment should be breathable, fit the athlete’s body, absorb moisture and be soft to the touch.

An important aspect of the outfit for female yogis is its size. Depending on individual preference, the clothing should fit snugly around the body, not restricting its movements, or be loose and not support the abdomen or thighs. Each athlete prefers a different style, so it is worth trying out several models and choosing the perfect one for you.

When choosing an outfit for practicing yoga, pay attention to the seams. They should be smooth and soft, so that they do not dig into the body and irritate the skin while performing exercises. On the market you can also find a wide range of seamless outfits or overalls, whose seams are almost imperceptible. The lack of an elastic band at the waist can also increase the comfort of training. Classically, in professional yoga outfits, instead of an elastic waistband, a wide belt is used, which elastically adapts to the shapes of the yogis.

What color set to choose?

Fashion changes every season, so if you want to remain a part of it, you can buy an outfit in classic, neutral colors. This group of colors includes black, white, gray or navy blue. Choosing such a color guarantees that your outfit will always fit in with the current trends.

This season many female trainers and athletes are opting for pastel shades of vivid colors such as purple, pink, blue, yellow and red. These colors go well with neutral backgrounds and look good both in the training room and when recording training videos.

This year, distinctive bright and neon colors have also returned to favor. A wide range of fashionable outfits in celadon, orange, green, pink or blue will allow you to choose the perfect color for every skin tone of your athlete.

Trendy yoga outfit styles

In addition to the color itself, the type of outfit is also important. The most popular is a set of long pants in the style of leggings and a blouse with thin straps. In this combination, you can also wear a sports bra on top, an interesting t-shirt or a short top with long or short sleeves.

Recently, ready-made overalls and bodysuits have also gained popularity. They adhere to the body and do not restrict movement during exercise. In summer or spring, long pants can be replaced by shorts, short pants that hug the thighs or popular, especially in women’s tennis, shorts with an extra layer of fabric that imitates a skirt.

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