Women’s tennis attire – feel comfortable, look fashionable!

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Professional female tennis players from the world’s top tennis players set trends for professional and amateur courts around the world. The most important thing, however, is to feel not only attractive, but above all comfortable and relaxed while playing tennis. We suggest how to do it!

The key element of each piece of clothing of a tennis player is the material from which the garment is made. Most often polyester is used for sewing sports clothes. The material is flexible, has a low hydrophobic index, which means that it does not absorb moisture, so that the player’s skin remains dry, is resistant to sunlight, chemicals or friction. The fabric also has the right level of durability, so it conforms well to the player’s body and movements without losing its properties.

A properly tailored outfit allows you to play comfortably and freely perform all the plays. A wide range of sports stores allows you to individually adjust the style of the entire outfit to the player. Numerous patterns, colors or cuts presented by the best sports brands allow you to choose not only functional, but also fashionable and visually attractive clothing for practicing tennis.

Most of the most popular tennis players cooperate with sports clothing companies and create their own clothing lines, so customers have the opportunity to purchase training clothes recommended by their favorite player. On the market you can find collections promoted by Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka or Dominika Cibulkova.


When choosing a tennis shirt, you can talk about a lot of freedom. Some players opt for sleeveless shirts, traditional t-shirts or classic polos. Individual preferences developed over years of practice allow you to perfectly match your favourite cut.

Sleeves should not restrict movement, but poorly tailored sleeves can cause discomfort during play. The way to prevent this type of discomfort is to choose a slightly looser model or wear a larger T-shirt size. Another important element of the jersey is the ventilation mesh. It allows the skin to breathe better and the body to be cooled regularly.

Pants or skirt

Choosing an outfit for tennis is also a decision on whether to match a set of pants or a skirt. Each player has different preferences, although skirts are most commonly seen on the court. Increasingly, leggings are included with the skirt to make the tennis player more comfortable, especially on colder days.

The most important aspect of the choice is the question of placing the tennis ball in the pocket. The second ball is hidden before the possible need to make a second serve. It so happens that the entire first action is played with the ball in the pocket, which means that the player, while making slides, leading the exchange, jumping, receiving attacks and running around the court, has an extra load in her pocket.

The skirt or pants should be cut in such a way that the tennis player hardly feels the presence of the ball in the pocket. Moreover, the ball must be held firmly underneath the lining, as the ball falling out during play can lead to loss of a point or an accident and injury on the court.


An equally important aspect of tennis equipment and attire is footwear. Most tennis shoes are multipurpose in nature, especially at the amateur level. Sports brands also offer shoes tailored to specific surfaces, which can slightly increase playing comfort and grip on the court.

Properly chosen shoes should fit the foot, stabilize the ankle during movement, give a sense of stability and confidence in movement, and have a proper foot ventilation and airflow system. Well-fitting shoes will increase the comfort and freedom of playing tennis and reduce the risk of injury, for example due to poor foot positioning.

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