Exercises for body improvement that can be done both at the gym and at home. See what the trainers have prepared!

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Everyone has some kind of dream figure, but in order to achieve the set goal, it is necessary to take care of both diet and physical activity. From this article you will learn which exercises in particular will help you!

A few questions are important: are you training to lose weight and remove excess fat? Or do you dream of a so-called “bulk” physique, focusing not on cutting and exposing muscle, but on mass and strength? How long is your recovery time after training? Do you often do cardio training?

So you need to keep in mind that while you will learn about the universally best methods for exercise from this article, your specific needs may differ somewhat from our guidelines. Nevertheless, they will certainly be a good starting point. We primarily present ideas for cardio, endurance and strength training. However, there will also be some less obvious suggestions.  

The most important exercises:

Regardless of your gender, predisposition, or even the goal you would like to achieve, there are several exercises that are widely recognized as health-promoting, highly beneficial for body sculpting, and have the added advantage that they can be done in most places (sometimes if you don’t have specific equipment, however, it’s worth going to a gym). These exercises include:

  • squats,
  • deadlifts,
  • stretching, and yoga,
  • barbell presses,
  • pull-ups,
  • running,
  • swimming,
  • push-ups,
  • exercises with a skipping rope,
  • plank.

Exercises at home

There’s no fooling yourself – it must be admitted that many exercises will be easier to perform at the gym. The gyms are equipped with specialized equipment, so sooner or later, however, we recommend that you visit the place (unless you are a person who can afford to buy the most necessary things: bench, barbells, dumbbells, elastic bands and skipping rope).

If you dream of a sculpted abdomen, you can focus on an intense but short workout. It’s worth knowing this – hours-long workouts for abdominal muscles are not the best option. Opt for fewer abdominals, but with better technique, plank and side plank, bends, leg jackknife, wide v-ups (and if that’s too hard, a standard bike will do for starters), etc. 

Gym exercises

The gym offers us a much richer assortment of exercises, however, basic (previously mentioned) endurance training is the key to any well-built physique. Morning yoga and stretching will allow you to present your muscles, standing on your hands will strengthen them and generally have a health-promoting effect, some exercises will adequately emphasize the muscles of the buttocks or legs, so it’s worth not forgetting the possibilities offered by workouts without the support of fitness club machines.

When it comes to bodybuilding exercises, it is especially important to focus on individual body parts. You can mix them up, you don’t have to do legs at all one day and only triceps or back the next.

Recommended exercises are:

  • bench press,
  • pull-ups on a bar,
  • pull-ups using an assistive machine,
  • exercises using weights (e.g., dumbbells),
  • squats with a barbell,
  • deadlift,
  • French pressing.

Sports activities outside of weight training 

It’s worth remembering that in addition to the gym or home workouts like squats and push-ups, it’s good to have some hobbies. If you like playing basketball, soccer, etc., then invest a little more time in this sport, it will certainly pay off. For women, dancing or even such simple exercises as hula hoops work very well. 

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