Exercise at home – without equipment and without spending money!

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Many of us would like to start training, but without spending money on equipment and without leaving home. It is possible – there are plenty of exercises at home, thanks to which you can enjoy a slim figure and impeccable health. All you need is a mat or a blanket, some space and a loose outfit.

Where to start

The most important is, of course, the warm-up, and its exclusion can even end in serious injuries. Therefore, remember about proper stretching of the body to avoid unnecessary injuries and well prepare the body for intense exercise.

The warm-up will also increase cardiorespiratory fitness, which will translate into better muscle function and a longer and more effective workout. Here are a handful of exercises you can do as part of your warm-up:

– jumping jacks,
– jumping squats,
– sit-ups,
– wrist rotations,
– ankle circles,
– stepping,
– lowering your hands to the ground,
– hip circles,
– push-ups,
– plank.

Strength Training

Strength training should last a maximum of 40 minutes and consist of equally spaced consecutive series. They usually contain about 5-6 exercises, and each of them covers different muscle parts. At the same time, it is worth creating a 30-day training plan, where each day you will focus on a different category: upper body, lower body and core. Additionally, you can combine this with cardio exercises.

Upper body exercise focuses on the chest, upper back muscles, shoulders, and arms. The lower body parts mainly include the legs and buttocks, and the core muscles running along the spine, thigh muscles, abdominal muscles and hips. However, we should remember not to strain the muscles to a degree that exceeds our capabilities, and to give our body time in which to recover.

You should also avoid repeating your upper and lower body workouts from one day to the next, as they are made up of larger muscles and need at least one day of rest. Sample exercises include push-ups, inverted push-ups, plans, tummy tucks, squats with weights (weights can be water bottles), jumping jacks, boxing, or pull-ups to the edge of a table.

Gymnastic exercises

Gymnastics should be practiced by all of us in order to maintain proper physical development, and it is best to do it in the morning. This will stimulate our metabolism, improve our mood, increase concentration and warm up our muscles and joints. Morning gymnastics works better than coffee and will definitely give you a better boost for the rest of the day. Of course, there is also no obstacle to exercise in the evening. It will then allow you to forget about stress, relax and calm down at the end of the day.

You can repeat the exercises in three series. The first two should focus on doing about 30 repetitions, while in the third do as many as you can in one minute. It’s a good idea to end your gymnastics with a 30-minute cardio workout. Create series using exercises such as alternating scissors, squats, burpees, lunges, twists, regular and incline abdominals, and leg raises.


Kalistenics is based on training using your own weight. This type of training – as a strength and endurance sport – is designed to increase endurance and sculpt all parts of our body. In addition to increasing overall fitness, it will help you burn excess body fat, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, and even improve your sense of balance.

Calisthenics includes a variety of exercises using equipment (like a pull-up bar) and those that only require free space. If you want to try your hand at calisthenics, put yourself on a 7-day plan to explore if this is the workout for you. Each day can consist of seven exercises and four cycles with a two-minute break between series. A sample workout might include doing 20 push-ups, 20 climbs, 60 seconds of sitting against a wall, 15 push-ups with a flail, 30 seconds of a so-called superman, 30 squats and a 60-second plank.

Diet and hydration

We should remember that apart from sport, a balanced diet is an important element allowing us to enjoy good health and a dream silhouette. Exercise and increased sweating increase the body’s demand for fluids, so don’t forget about proper hydration. Apart from that let’s supply ourselves with a large dose of motivation, because the effects will come with time. Keep this in mind to avoid overtraining!

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