The 10 most common dietary mistakes that cause weight gain

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Improper habits can not only lead to weight gain, but also result in malnutrition, and ultimately to serious diseases such as bulimia and anorexia. 

Missing breakfast

One of the basic mistakes is not eating breakfast. This meal is the most important part of the beginning of the day. It is the breakfast that is supposed to provide energy for a full day’s work and exercise, should contain the most important minerals and nutrients, and stimulate the metabolism to work after a full night’s rest.


Another problem is inadequate hydration of the body. It is estimated that an adult should drink from 1.5 to as much as 3 liters of fluids each day. In addition to water, this requirement can be filled with black coffee, green tea or freshly squeezed fruit juices. However, it should be remembered that the most effective and healthy is to drink pure water, especially during hot weather. 

Improper distribution of meals throughout the day 

Dietary mistakes also include improper distribution of meals taken during the day. As nutritionists argue, the optimal solution is to eat 5 meals per day: first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Proper timing is also key. 

Regularity of meals

A big problem affecting overall well-being and proper metabolism is the proper distribution of 5 meals throughout the day. If the intervals between them are too long, the body will automatically store energy reserves, thereby increasing body fat. A healthy solution is to eat every 3 to 4 hours or so.

Taking in empty calories

Although small snacks during the day can be a good idea to replenish energy during work or exercise, they should be chosen well. Eating sweets, pastries or unhealthy snacks is taking in empty calories that only affect the body’s sugar levels, not providing it with essential nutrients or vitamins.

Sedentary lifestyle

Another mistake is not combining a balanced diet with physical activity. Just a 20-minute walk each day helps oxygenate the body, burn a few calories and stimulate muscle tissue throughout the body. 


Trouble maintaining a healthy body weight can also result from regular use of stimulants. The biggest problem may be the frequent drinking of alcohol, especially caloric beer. Weight gain is also helped by smoking cigarettes or taking drugs. 

Heat treatment of food 

The foods chosen for a meal may be healthy and rich in nutrients, but improper preparation can deprive them of key minerals. Deep frying or baking with lots of fat can be particularly harmful. Steaming is a much better option. 

Unbalanced diet 

The daily menu should include a variety of products containing both protein, carbohydrates, saturated fats, as well as fiber or mineral salts. The plate should not lack meat, fish, as well as vegetables and fruits. When planning your diet, it’s a good idea to carefully check the nutrients of your favorite foods. 

Highly processed food

The last mistake to pay special attention to is taking highly processed food. Prepared foods and fast food provide your body with large amounts of calories and fat, but they don’t have much nutritional value in them, so they can lead to weight gain. 

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