Thermal underwear for women – a winter must have

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How to make outdoor physical activity in the winter season fully comfortable and safe? Thermal underwear for women can help! What are the characteristics of this type of underwear? What kind of materials are used for its production?

The principle of thermoactive underwear

What is there to know about thermal underwear? During physical activity, the material in contact with the skin picks up moisture, which is then transported to the outside. The double-layered knitted fabric that makes up thermo-active underwear consists of microfibres in which capillary action takes place. High quality products of this type are equipped with additional ventilation zones located in areas characterized by increased perspiration and heat emission.

Classic underwear and thermal underwear – what is the difference between them?

What are the differences between underwear we wear every day and its thermal version? What distinguishes thermal underwear is appropriate air circulation in the areas characterized by increased sweating. Innovative technologies used in the production of this type of products make them bacteriostatic. This means that they effectively inhibit the multiplication of bacteria.

Thermal underwear creates a specific climate for sensitive skin. Moreover, it shows antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. What characterizes such underwear is also keeping warmth and transporting moisture to the outside. As a result of perspiration wicking, the skin is kept dry and the process of cooling the body is eliminated. All this makes the thermal underwear ideal for all kinds of winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Functional yarns used in the production of thermal underwear

The highest quality thermal underwear is produced from various functional yarns, which are combined in an appropriate way. An example is MIYABI in the form of microfibres characterised by lightness, bacteriostaticity, double heat retention and quick-drying properties. It is also worth mentioning here the cooling NILIT Breeze yarn, which effectively supports the process of giving away excess heat, reducing body temperature by up to 1 degree Celsius. Additionally, it makes the underwear flexible and perfectly adapts to the woman’s figure.

Another proposal are products, the production of which was used Prolen Siltex yarn. Its characteristic feature is the presence of silver ions, which make it antibacterial and inhibit the development of bacteria, fungi and mould. Wearing this type of underwear during physical activity allows to get rid of unpleasant smells. It also guarantees perfect freshness for a long time and, consequently, a high level of comfort.

It is also impossible not to mention the Schoeller Polycolon yarn in the form of hydrophobic fibres transporting sweat and moisture outside, which has a positive influence on the material’s drying time. Thermo Cool functional yarn is also used in the production of thermal underwear for women, which protects against both chilling and overheating of the body.

Thermal underwear for women – what is it used for?

As already mentioned, women’s thermal underwear is perfect for outdoor winter activities. It will find its application both while skiing or snowboarding and while running or trekking. The highest quality products of this type are used even in the case of temperatures reaching -30 degrees Celsius, providing adequate thermal protection.

It’s been snowing in Kraków since morning ❄️❄️☃️. Winter is fast approaching us ?

At this time of year, it is worth investing in …

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