Women’s compression underwear – the way to avoid varicose veins after training

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Clothing that uses the basics of compression therapy can be very effective in reducing various ailments resulting from sports. Find out how women’s compression underwear works and its biggest benefits!

How does compression underwear work?

Gaining popularity in the world of professional and amateur sports, compression garments are made from a specialized, elastic material. The engineered fibers adapt to a specific part of the body and apply pressure to specific muscles in an appropriate manner.

Compression therapy, which includes clothing and underwear, is designed to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tissue micro-trauma resulting from intense physical activity. Medical compression bands are also used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, thrombosis, lymphedema or venous insufficiency. For this reason, the beneficial effects of compression underwear began to be noticed also in the case of professional athletes who often suffered from such ailments.

Regular use of compression underwear also helps to reduce harmful strain during physical activity and facilitates internal regeneration.

Advantages of using compression underwear

The undisputed benefits of wearing compression garments include accelerated muscle recovery after training. Thanks to better blood circulation, nutrients that improve the condition of damaged muscle tissues are spread faster through the body.

The circulation improves the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, which is responsible for muscle soreness. Compression also reduces the risk of injury, varicose veins, thrombosis and swelling. Thanks to better blood circulation and stimulation of the nervous system, the number of muscle cramps and pain during physical activity decreases, making the muscle work very efficient, effective and long-lasting.

What should I keep in mind when choosing compression underwear?

Compression garments improve the thermoregulation of a specific part of the body. In practice, this means that the stimulated limb has better blood circulation, thus becoming warmer. For this reason, compression therapy may be more demanding during the spring/summer season, but it definitely improves the comfort of physical activity during the colder months.

The change in temperature and the feeling of compression is something you can easily get used to. The possible inconvenience is far less than the benefits that come from wearing compression underwear.

When choosing compression underwear, you need to pay attention to the size and compression class of the material. There are different levels available on the market, so it is advisable to carefully consult your individual preferences with an expert before purchasing and choosing the right product. When using compression underwear, you should also remember not to take it off immediately after training. It is the action of the underwear after exercise that reduces pain and improves the condition of damaged muscle tissues.

Compression garments on the market

Compression garments can be found in pharmacies, medical supply stores, and most sportswear manufacturers. Such stores offer not only underwear in the form of socks or kneeswk, but also entire sets of outfits.

Underwear helps stabilize the leg during movement and works best for people training in running sports or cycling. Shorts or leggings can be equally useful, as they put more pressure on the higher leg muscles and evenly distribute the pressure over a larger area of the body. There are also special T-shirts or compression suits available on the market that support the chest, back, abdominal, and arm muscles.

In addition, you can also purchase special compression sleeves that stabilize the forearms and wrists during strength sports, such as barbell presses and weightlifting.

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