Salsation – what is hot dance fitness and how does it differ from Zumba?

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Salsation is an increasingly popular form of training for women which combines several different styles of music and energetic music. What exactly does it consist in and what benefits does it bring to our figure?

Salsation – a combination of fitness and dance

Salsation is a workout consisting of elements of functional exercises and basics of several dance styles. During classes, participants have the opportunity to learn the most important steps of salsa, samba or flamenco. The main assumption of the training is to perform prepared choreographies, to feel the rhythm of music and to interpret it emotionally through movement.

The name salsation comes from two words: Spanish salsa meaning sauce and English sensation. According to the creator of this type of training, Alejandro Angula, a Venezuelan choreographer and dancer, this etymology refers to the combination of dynamic music from the hot corners of the world and emotions which accompany dancing. Salsation classes are supposed to engage not only the body but also the mind.

What do salsation classes look like?

Salsation is supposed to teach the participants not only control of movements and body awareness but also perfect their sense of rhythm and feel for music, which is why it plays a key role during each class.

As a rule, a class begins with a dynamic warm-up which prepares the body for physical effort and introduces the participant to the energetic atmosphere of the class. In the actual part of the training a specialized instructor shows a choreography, which will be learned during these classes. The choreography is designed to help express emotions and interpret music through movements taken from Latin American dances and fitness exercises.

Typically, each choreography is matched to the tempo of the music and the words presented in the text of the song, so that the dance can be used to tell a particular life story. Each participant interprets the music individually, but together the group should surrender to the energetic rhythms and relax their tired minds. During the classes, intensive physical effort, complicated steps or sudden movements are avoided, which is why salsation can be attended by people of various ages and physical abilities.

What does salsation training give you?

The classes which combine dance and fitness improve body coordination, influence breathing efficiency, increase physical condition, strengthen muscles and help you lose excessive kilograms. Thanks to dynamic music, the body has the opportunity to develop a sense of rhythm and musicality. The good energy of the classes makes it possible to relax, reduce stress and get in a good mood.

Salsation has a positive effect not only on the physical aspects of the body but also on the psyche. During the classes, the group integrates with one another, which makes it easier to make new friends and meet people with similar interests. Salsation doesn’t require any physical preparation, that’s why you can meet people of all ages at the classes and together they learn how to express emotions and relax the whole body by means of dance and physical activity.

Salsation is not only for the body but also for the spirit 🙂
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Salsation vs zumba

The most important difference between these two dance disciplines is the level of advancement of the participants. In the case of zumba, the exercises prepared require good fitness and fitness, so they can be daunting for people who are new to physical activity. Salsation is less engaging and its level of difficulty is tailored to the ability of each member of the training group.

Zumba is also focused on muscle work and body fatigue while Salsation focuses on interpreting music and expressing emotions through coordinated movement. Both of these activities provide a lot of fun, allow you to burn up to 850 calories and learn the basics of dance, which is why they are very popular among people interested in a dynamic fitness-style workout.

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