Shambala detox – a natural way to cleanse the body practiced by celebrities

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Looking to cleanse your body before the upcoming summer, try the Shambala detox, which is designed to help regenerate your internal organs and rejuvenate your body by up to a few years!

Shambala Detox is a special program during which our body gets rid of as much as 10 times more toxins than it does with other weight loss methods

. What exactly does Shambhala detox consist of? How to prepare for it? What results can be expected?

Szambala detox – what is it?

What is the Shambhala detox? As for the meaning of this word, in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism it is a mythical kingdom. However, in this case it is a treatment helping to cleanse the body, which is carried out under the supervision of qualified specialists during a group trip. The detox

lasts 6 days. During the course of the detox, participants consume a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs composed by doctors from New Zealand. They are to remove toxins, deposits and excess cholesterol from the body.

During the Shambhala detox, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day, necessarily in small sips. This is to both cleanse and hydrate the body. After a properly conducted treatment, internal organs can be rejuvenated even by about 3-4 years. In addition, you can count on a weight loss of about 5-7 kg. The cleansing camps also include yoga

classes, meditation, Tibetan gymnastics and activities to calm the mind. The cost of a 6-day cleansing course together with a stay in a luxury hotel is about 3 thousand PLN.

Why is it worth to cleanse the body with Shambhala detox?

If we do not cleanse our body regularly, internal organs are not able to regenerate, stop and rest. Instead, they are constantly working. A starvation controlled by specialists allows us to create the conditions for their natural regeneration. During the Shambhala detox, discomforts such as dizziness and headaches may appear, which are quite normal. This means that this type of treatment cannot be done alone at home. The detox is carried out in a group, which helps to increase motivation. The care of qualified doctors gives a sense of security.

How to prepare for Shamballa detox?

What should be kept in mind while doing a Shambala detox? At least 7 days before starting such a fast you should slightly modify your diet. The diet should consist of only vegetables and fruits (preferably they should be eaten warm). Apart from water, it is recommended to drink freshly squeezed juices, as well as various herbal teas.

Bread, dairy products, meat, salt, sugar, coffee and tea are not allowed. Why is it so important to prepare for Shamballa detox? The above mentioned easily digestible meals allow the tissues of the digestive organs to relax and the stomach to gradually shrink. This significantly facilitates the subsequent cleansing of the body and makes the participant of the treatment not to feel hunger for 6 days.

What are the benefits of the Shambala detox?

What effects can be expected from a complete Shambala detox? These are:
– cleansing the body of intestinal deposits, parasites and toxins,
– losing about 5-7 kilograms,
– improvement of mood,
– reduction of cholesterol level,
– stabilization of blood sugar levels,
– reducing joint pain,
– reduced fatigue and stress levels,
– inner peace,
– an improvement in the appearance of the skin and a change in its smell (after treatment it is similar to a baby’s),
– a sharpened sense of taste,
– increased libido,
– improved body flexibility,
– restoration of internal balance and clarity of mind and increased self-confidence.

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