Exercises for cellulite – does it really work?

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Cellulite, also known as orange peel, is a common problem faced by many women, regardless of age or weight. To get rid of it, in addition to a healthy, balanced diet and hydration of the body, you should also take care of properly composed training. What are the best exercises for cellulite?

Exercises for cellulite – why should you do them?

The exercises described below will help you effectively get rid of cellulite located on thighs, abdomen and buttocks. They contribute to the reduction of both the amount of subcutaneous fat and swelling. Other effects include improved skin appearance and elasticity, as well as improved physical condition. Exercises of this type can be successfully performed at home. They do not require any specialist equipment.

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? It is a problem not only for overweight or obese people, but also for those of normal weight….

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Proven cellulite exercises

Before you start exercising for cellulite, you should do a warm-up. Ideally, it should last about 15 minutes. The warm-up can include, but is not limited to, jumping jacks, bends and jumping jacks.

Here are some proven exercises for cellulite:


– stand with your feet hip-width apart. Place feet parallel to each other. Tighten the abdominal muscles, exhale and bend the knees. Inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 20 times;

training with dumbbells

– hold in your hands dumbbells weighing about 2 kg (water bottles may be a good alternative). Stand slightly apart and let your arms hang loosely. Lift your hands and step forward with your right foot. The thigh of the right leg should be parallel to the floor and the knee of the left leg should be just above the floor. Push off with the right foot, straighten and join the legs. Perform this exercise 10 times per leg;


and put your straight arms on the floor with your palms under your shoulders and shoulder-width apart. The abdomen should be tight, the back straight and the head in line with the spine. Exhale, lift the leg bent in the knee at a right angle in such a way that the thigh is parallel to the ground. While lifting the leg, try to keep the back still and the buttocks tense. Inhale and return to the starting position. Perform this exercise 10 times for each leg;

raise your buttocks

– lie on your back with straight legs. Place your hands along your body and keep your feet hip-width apart. We make an inhalation, we tighten and lift the buttocks, resting on the toes. Make sure that the head, shoulders and arms are freely sticking to the ground. Tighten the muscles for a few seconds. Inhale and slowly lower your buttocks. Touch the floor lightly, without reducing the muscle tension. Raise the buttocks again. Repeat this exercise 10 times;

exercisewith the use of ball

– lie down on back, place hands along the body. Place the ball between your feet. Lift it up and squeeze several times. Return to the starting position, bend your legs at a 45-degree angle and squeeze the ball 2 times. Perform 20 repetitions;

leg straightening

– lie on your back with your legs straight. Roll over to the right side, support your head with your hand and raise your right leg high, remembering not to bend it at the knee. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg;

training with the use of hula-hoop

– stand slightly apart, pull in your belly, gently bend your legs in the knees, grab a hula-hoop, place it at the height of your waist and spin;


– for people struggling with cellulite, interval training consisting in alternating intensive and light exercises will work very well. It can include, for example, running, cycling or jumping rope.

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