What workout is worth using for shapely buttocks?

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Almost every woman dreams about firm and full buttocks, however, not many of them decide to do intensive buttocks training. We suggest what exercises will be the most effective.

Specificity of female body build

How is it that male buttocks are often more shapely than female ones? This has to do, among other things, with the specific structure of the female body. Fat tissue in the female population is most likely to accumulate in the abdominal area, on the thighs and on the buttocks. Many women complain that the buttocks are the area of the body that they find most difficult to control. Are you dreaming of shapely and firm buttocks? Do you want to build up your bottom muscles a bit and be able to show off your shape like the celebrities on the covers of women’s magazines? Time to take action!

How to effectively develop buttocks muscles?

While in the case of weight loss you can put more emphasis on the issue of diet, specific shapes will not be achieved only by changing eating habits. Of course, what you eat each day contributes to how your physique looks, but no food will translate into changing the shape of your buttocks. If you want to achieve your goal of a shapely and nicely built bottom, you need to think about intensive and regular training, thanks to which you will be able to burn excess body fat and develop the muscles of your buttocks. Remember – only the mess makes itself. Do you want your bottom to take perfect shape? Start planning the right workout. Here are some workout suggestions to help you achieve this.


⛔️ Don’t get me wrong, squats (basic movement pattern), bends,…

Published by Karolina Orlowska Friday, July 19, 2019

Workout for glutes – are squats enough?

Browsing through online forums on women’s physical activity, you can meet a lot of advice on what to do to have shapely buttocks. There is no shortage of supporters of the theory that to achieve the shapes of your dreams you just need to regularly practice squats. Of course, training in this form will not hurt (unless someone has problems with knees), but you can have considerable doubts about the effectiveness of such exercises. If you want to achieve optimal results in a much shorter time, there are a number of other options to choose from. Yoga, cycling, TRX training and even crossfit are great ways to train to strengthen and develop your glute muscles! Choose an activity that you will really enjoy! Then your motivation to exercise will not falter even on a gloomy autumn day. There is nothing worse than feeling that every workout is an unpleasant chore!

Yoga for shapely buttocks

Asanas used in yoga are usually associated with relaxation exercises. Hardly anyone realizes that this kind of exercise also shapes and strengthens the muscles of the whole body, including the buttocks. Besides, regular yoga training will allow you to develop better muscle flexibility, which in turn will improve your squatting technique.


Regular training on a bicycle, both stationary and including outdoor rides, will help shape the muscles of the buttocks. By the way, you can also slim down your thighs a bit. Cycling is a physical activity that can be practiced regardless of age and condition.

TRX training

Ropes and thick bands can be extremely helpful in shaping your figure. With the right exercises, you will incorporate deep muscles into your workout, build muscle tissue, and improve muscle endurance. Do you want to have shapely buttocks? Take care of the regularity of training and their proper intensity!

Crossfit – glutes like steel!

You associate crossfit training only with male activity? It’s time to end stereotypes! This is an excellent way to improve fitness and evenly develop muscle tissue throughout the body. Check out the club in your area, and you will certainly meet many women who, just like you, want to have shapely, firm and perfectly sculpted buttocks!

Don’t you have any ideas for exercises to strengthen buttocks? Joanna Burakowska Fitness Project comes to help!

Another set of exercises, this time using a box and in standing position.


1. Hip bridges with feet elevated
2. One-legged hip bridges with feet on elevated position
3. Hip openings in lateral position
4. Reversing the bent leg while standing with active work of the supporting leg
5. Slanting bends
6. Straight leg raise, standing with slight inclination of the body

You can perform this set as a separate workout in combination with any of the CORE sets from the previous videos, or as a pre/post workout ?

Good luck!

Published by Reebok CrossFit Poznan Monday, 17 August 2020

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