What is Ashtanga, a dynamic form of yoga?

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Yoga is usually chosen by people who are looking for a quiet workout. If you are looking for a more dynamic variation, Ashtanga is the perfect choice for you!

Power yoga – dynamic training

Do you love movement and can’t imagine life without it? You might be surprised, but not every yoga practice is static, standing for long periods of time in the same asanas. Ashtanga assumes that the body must remain in motion. Transitions between postures within a sequence, however, must be as smooth as possible. Concentration and the right breathing technique are important. The combination of all these elements makes the training even more effective. This type of yoga enables continuous development. There are three levels of yoga that can only be achieved through regular practice and personal development. Yoga practice requires patience. There is no place for boosters or shape enhancers. You have to find your inner harmony and draw strength from it for your personal development.

5 benefits of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice!
? Improved concentration through breathing techniques and…

Published by Academy of Movement Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Yoga practice – solo or with a trainer?

Every sport and workout requires practice (at least initially) under the guidance of someone more experienced. Improper posture during training, incorrect muscle tension or incorrect transitions between asanas will not only affect the lower efficiency of the exercises performed, but can also result in injuries. If you are just at the beginning of your adventure with yoga, you don’t know much about asanas yet and you lack practice in this subject, sign up for classes in a yoga school. Trying to practice on your own may not yield good results. With time, when you master the basics, training at home will be as possible.

Ashtanga – strengthen not only the body but also the mind

There are people who choose yoga training, treating these exercises as a way to develop a slim figure. Yes, any type of exercise, especially if the training sessions will be done regularly, will contribute to accelerate the process of burning fat and make muscles stronger. But is yoga only about the visual aspect? Supporters of yoga warn against such an approach to the subject, stressing the importance of the spiritual aspect. A man who practices on a mat should also focus on strengthening his spirit.

Develop correct posture

Practicing yoga, even its dynamic variety, is a great option for people who love precision. While practicing, you cannot rush anywhere. You must make sure that your body is embraced by harmony, because only then the movements will be perfectly smooth. Performing asanas correctly requires a lot of training, especially when it comes to more difficult positions. Every part of your body should be in a specific position, which may seem very difficult at the beginning, but with time, the muscles of your body will get used to a specific sequence of movements and the whole training will be performed in a semi-automatic way. This will allow you to get away from mundane matters and concentrate on proper breathing.

Ashtanga – what benefits can dynamic yoga bring?

Slender body and delicately outlined muscles are the effect of hard work during training. But is yoga only about having a beautiful body? There are many more benefits of regular practice. When you start your adventure with yoga your body is tense and you are a bundle of nerves. However, with time you will loosen up and you will see that you will be able to overcome more and more barriers that your body originally put in front of you.

Remember, however, to take it slow in climbing the steps of initiation. Watch out for injuries. Take care of a proper diet containing a set of minerals and valuable nutrients. By providing your body with high-quality fuel, you will be able to demand more from yourself during training. And don’t forget how important recovery time is. Don’t overdo the frequency and intensity of your workouts, especially in the beginning!

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