5 women’s ways to cope with stress

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Stress is an emotion that accompanies everyone almost every day, so it is easy to get used to it. However, if anxiety and strong nerves last too long, it is worth knowing a few women’s ways to eliminate it.

According to statistics, women are more often stressed than men, moreover, it is easier to get a woman off balance, and she shows her agitation more vividly. This is not a negative phenomenon, but it should be noted that women’s stress is more visible. Research shows that women are most nervous between the ages of 24 and 35. This means that this is the period during which most changes take place in a woman’s life, both those related to starting a family, work and promotion, as well as making key decisions that can have a significant impact on the future. It is estimated that the most stressful aspects of life are work and financial issues, factors that cannot be avoided in everyday life. So it’s worth knowing some simple ways to reduce your stress.

Take time for yourself every day

It is important to set aside at least an hour every day to relax alone. During this time, you can take a hot bath, which will relax tense muscles and soothe nerves. Sometimes it is enough to be alone in silence and try not to think about the growing problems. It is also a good idea to read a favorite book or magazine or watch a TV series. This will allow your head to rest for a moment from troublesome thoughts and focus your attention on something else. Yoga or meditation may also be helpful.

Women’s talk

Nothing works better for unresolved problems than talking to someone you trust. Gossiping with a friend over coffee or a glass of wine, talking to your mother or grandmother on the phone, or chatting with your partner. Trusting another person with your worries will alleviate a little of the burden you carry on your shoulders alone. What’s more, you may find that the person you choose to talk to has great advice or can help you solve your problem. Telling the story of the problem you’re having will help you see it from a different perspective. It’s good to complain in company, so a great way to talk through the problem will be to organize a ladies’ night. Each of the participants will talk about their stress and find mutual understanding. Sometimes it’s enough to talk, and the problem, which so far seemed to be a huge disaster, will become just a small obstacle.

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Physical activity

For distressed nerves can also help intense training. During the classes we will focus our thoughts on the execution of instructions and accurate repetition of movements. The problems of everyday life will then recede into the background. Physical activity will tire your body and make it easier to fall asleep. Physical exercise also increases the work of not only your muscles, but also your brain. With the right amount of exercise, the body will produce a higher dose of endorphins, or happy hormones. Our general mood and well-being will improve. Regular training will also have a positive effect on our silhouette, shaping it. Self-awareness of the body and growing self-esteem builds self-confidence, which makes it easier to overcome recurring stress.

Healthy nutrition

In the fight against stress, a balanced diet is important. A well-nourished body will function better. Many women struggle with overeating stress. In such cases, nervous situations increase their appetite, so it is worth taking care of healthy snacks. Extra kilograms will certainly not improve your general well-being. When planning a diet, do not forget about bananas and pineapples, which contain a lot of serotonin, the hormone of good mood. In times of severe stress, it is worth drinking lemon balm tea, which has relaxing and loosening properties.


The human body needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Getting your brain used to regular sleep will help relieve stress and help you fall asleep faster. Effective sleep should take place in a darkened room and at a comfortable temperature. The level of sleep depth and its quality are also worth monitoring. According to researchers, using a phone moments before falling asleep increases stress and acts as a distraction. Therefore, the smartphone should lie far from our resting place, so that it is not the last thing we use before falling asleep and the first after waking up.

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