Try doing triceps atlas exercises on your own and see results after just a few weeks!

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Would you like to increase the size of your triceps? From this article you will learn about the most effective exercises that will bring satisfactory results in a short time!

A little theory – how do the triceps work?

Before you start training, it’s worthwhile for you to learn the basics about the triceps arm muscle. Its primary function is to straighten the forearm, and it works in tandem with the biceps, which flexes them. This makes them collectively the largest muscle of this part of the body. However, there is nothing to prolong, let’s get to the exercises already!

Exercising at home vs. at the gym

People looking for exercise catalogs are very often divided into two groups, which we should consider here. The first is gym enthusiasts, the second is home athletes. Both groups can benefit from similar exercises, which, however, will differ in details. Therefore, we will first focus on people who train at home, and then move on to heavy equipment.

Home training

Here, too, there is a distinction to be made – some people have at least a basic exercise kit, while others (generally beginners) focus on training using home capabilities. So let’s take both into account, and together this is a solid workout package! 

Home exercises without equipment

Knee push-up (3×10) 

  • Prepare as you would for a standard push-up, but rest on your knees, feet lifted up.

Standard push-up (3-5×10)

  • Now add a series of standard push-ups (pay attention to technique – proper shoulder-width apart).

Plank with straightening (3×5)

  • Arrange your body as you would for a plank, but place your palms open on the mat. Then straighten your elbows by raising yourself up.

Plank with straightening (knees bent) (3×10)

  • If the above exercise is a challenge for you, bend your knees as for push-ups.

Forearm straightening (3×20)

  • Take two water bottles, lie on your back. Raise your straightened arms, then bend them slowly behind your head until you rest the bottles on the floor.

Home exercises with equipment

Forearm extensions (3×10-15)

  • Lie on your back, straighten your arms, holding the dumbbells above you, then pull them behind your head.

Dumbbell narrow press (3×10)

  • Lie on your back (if you have a bench, use it), push your chest up. Hold the dumbbells above your head, elbows straight, then slowly bend them, drawing the equipment to your abdomen.

French press with dumbbells (3×10-15).

  • The task is performed identically to arm straightening, however, on a bench.

French pressing on an incline bench (3×5-10).

  • If you don’t have a bench, you can perform the same exercise on a so-called incline bench or simply find a backrest that allows you to lean back a bit.

Trunk drop kickback (3×10-15)

  • Straighten your back, tighten your abdomen, lean forward, bending your knees slightly (one leg forward). With one hand you can lean against some furniture. With the other, drag a dumbbell from the height of your abdomen to behind your back.

Workout at the gym

As you can see, many of the exercises suggested in the home catalog can also be done at the gym. However, let’s expand this list by recalling the exercises:

  • push-ups (especially diamond push-ups),
  • forearm straightening,
  • narrow pressing with dumbbells,
  • French pressing (on the bench and the incline bench),
  • kickbacks on the machine,
  • straightening arms on a standing lift.

main photo: Mellish

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