Souping a new way to cleanse your body naturally

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Not long ago, the diet world championed a way to detox your body with freshly squeezed juices. Now it’s time for a diet made up of soups!

The idea for a diet consisting of only soups came from the United States. The name of the diet comes from the English word “soup”, which means soup. The main aim of the diet is not to reduce body fat, but to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.

Souping is supposed to be an alternative solution for fans of juice detox, or juicing, which after a long time simply becomes monotonous and does not provide the body with enough nutrients needed for proper functioning.

How does a body cleanse work?

Detox is a method of removing from the body toxins that we take in with meals, as well as unnecessary metabolic products and residues remaining after the metabolic process. Cleansing the body allows you to lose some extra pounds and get rid of the feeling of fatigue or heaviness. Some people decide to detox regularly, as part of taking care of their health and proper functioning of the body, others benefit from cleansing the body after a marathon spent with unhealthy food.

On a daily basis, the liver is responsible for filtering ingested substances into the human body. However, the lifestyle of many people strains its capacity and makes it difficult to remove toxins – hence the idea to support this process and facilitate digestion of highly processed food. Alcohol consumption, smoking, polluted air and water are also additional burdens on metabolic activities.

A detox consists of consuming juices or – in the case of soups – soups, the ingredients of which speed up digestive processes, support liver function and remove harmful substances from the body.

What is souping?

The concept of eating soups to cleanse the body is based on eating wholesome, tasty and filling soups. Meals can be prepared from both vegetables and fruit, and eaten hot or cold.

The basis of each soup can be vegetable, poultry or beef broth. Everything depends on the creative invention, preferences and skills of the person using the diet. The variety of flavors, ways of preparation, ingredients and recipes provided by soups is endless, so the menu should not get bored quickly. This method of cleansing the body allows you to take much more balanced meals than the previously popular juices and smoothies.


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Published by Centrum Cosmedica Sunday, November 20, 2016

What can you eat?

You can prepare soup from most of the available products. The base will be your favorite vegetables or fruits. Plant products are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

However, vegetables alone do not provide enough carbohydrates and fibre, so recipes can be enriched with groats, rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes or dark bread. Protein needed by muscles and bones can be added by lean meat, such as poultry, or legumes, such as beans or lentils. The body also needs a good dose of magnesium, potassium and calcium, so soups can be enriched with dairy products such as low-fat cream.

When choosing vegetables for soup preparation, it’s a good idea to check the nutrients they contain to make sure that the cooked meal will be rich in all the valuable nutrients. You can look for recipe ideas from food bloggers, especially those who focus on plant-based cooking.

When cooking soups as part of a cleansing diet, you should of course avoid artificial additives, fatty products, smoked fish or thickening the soup with flour. When looking for interesting additions to the soup, it is worth reaching for a variety of spices, as well as seeds and pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

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