A fashionable smartband for the active woman – what to consider when choosing one?

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Smartband is an electronic device that has become very popular among women from all over the world in recent years. It is hardly surprising, since it not only looks fashionable, but also makes it easier to watch your body around the clock. What should be taken into account when choosing a smartband?

Key functions of a smartband

A smartband can be used in many ways. It is perfect for counting calories burned, steps taken or distance covered. In addition, this device can monitor the pace of movement, time of activity, length and quality of sleep, in addition to measuring heart rate, tracking the route traveled or reminding you of the upcoming workout. This makes the smartband an ideal solution for all physically active women. You can use it both during workouts at the gym and fitness classes, running, swimming or cycling.

How to choose the perfect women’s smartband?

As for the available functions, it is worth it to measure, among other things, the number of steps taken, kilometers traveled and calories burned. We also recommend devices that show your current position using GPS, measure heart rate, define training goals and track progress, as well as monitor sleep activity. Some of the smartbands available on the shelves have options characteristic of smartwatches, such as answering calls and text messages or controlling applications.

A good smartband is also the one that is waterproof. This feature will be especially appreciated by all female swimming enthusiasts. They should get a device meeting the IP68 standard, which guarantees full resistance to dust and immersion in water for 30 minutes and a depth of more than 1 meter.

When choosing a women’s smartband should also take into account the type of display. Ideally, it should be sunlight readable, which will allow for a comfortable workout – regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The weight of such equipment should not exceed 50 g. As for the working time, it is worth that it is not less than 7 days. Then you do not need to remember about its regular charging.

How to adjust the smartband to your favorite activities?

The ideal smartband is one that allows you to effectively monitor progress during a given activity. Fans of running on the shelves should look for devices equipped with sensors that provide accurate counting of steps and measuring the distance covered. Additionally, it may also have a calorie counter and a heart rate monitor.

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A smartband for swimming needs to be waterproof first and foremost. Splash protection will not be enough here. Such a device should be able to be fully submerged under water without fear of damage. A smartband for a swimmer can be equipped with functions such as swimming style, pool length, pace or number of swims.

As for gym and fitness devices, their key features include exercise and rest time, calorie burn monitoring or pulse measurement. On the market you can still meet with special smartbands for biking. What distinguishes them is that they are able to control the pace and rhythm of the ride, measure the distance covered and the time in which it was done and count the laps covered.

Smartband vs. smartwatch

Both smartband and smartwatch belong to the category of wearable gadgets. They work very well during various types of activity. What makes them different? Smartband is able to work on battery even for several days. It has a relatively simple screen, which is not even always touchable. Smartband is also much cheaper than a smartwatch. The simplest device of this type is an expense of about 100-200 zlotys.

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