What does crossfit training look like for newlyweds and moms-to-be?

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The topic of physical activity during pregnancy and after childbirth can be tricky. Exercise allows you to find a moment for yourself in the daily rush, but on the other hand raises many questions and concerns.

Will the training not harm the baby? Which sport will be the best for a new mother? How long is it worth to wait after giving birth? We are here to help and clear all your doubts.

Training while pregnant? Absolutely!

Despite the widespread opinion, already in the eighties doctors said that future mothers do not have to avoid physical activity. On the contrary! Exercising during pregnancy will not only keep you in shape but will also help you avoid many unpleasant complications, such as gestational diabetes and back pain. In addition, regular physical activity will make you recover faster after giving birth and contribute to your overall well-being

Of course, you need to take your doctor’s advice into consideration and if your health does not allow you to do so, it is better to abstain from major exercise for a while. In addition, once you decide to train, listen carefully to your body and if in doubt, contact your gynecologist.

What about crossfit?

There’s no denying that crossfit training is definitely different from regular gym workouts. Does this mean that it is not a suitable choice for pregnant women? If you take into account a few important issues, the exercises will be completely safe for you and your baby.

What is worth remembering before crossfit training? For all ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy we have very good news! During this time you do not need to change your gym habits, however, it is better not to increase the scale of the exercises, because it can be associated with unnecessary stress. When it comes to the second and third trimester of pregnancy is a good time to make changes that will allow you to enjoy your workout without much risk. What changes are we talking about?

  1. Drink enough water.
  2. Avoid exercising on your back.
  3. Don’t overtrain or test your limits.
  4. Consider switching from barbells to kettlebells.

Training for Newlyweds

Interested in continuing your workout after giving birth? You do not have to interrupt your crossfit adventure, as long as you give yourself time to recuperate. In the case of natural childbirth you can return to exercise after eight weeks, and after caesarean section after twelve weeks

Of course, it is best to consult your gynaecologist beforehand to make sure that the increased physical activity will not have a negative impact on your health. Interestingly, there are workouts on the market where your little one can be by your side the whole time, so if it’s the lack of a sitter that’s standing in your way of getting back into pre-baby shape, take your little one with you.

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