In a healthy body there is a healthy spirit! Key principles of a healthy lifestyle

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Healthy lifestyle is a very popular trend lately. We compete in more and more sophisticated ways of leading a healthy lifestyle, which is promoted in the media, press and literature. However, there is much more behind this concept than just a passing fad. What is in fact a healthy lifestyle?

Being fit is definitely in. However, our overriding motivation should be good health and well-being, and not fitting into the current social trends – in this way we may fall prey to straw enthusiasm. It is therefore advisable to approach the subject responsibly and comprehensively familiarise yourself with the concept of a healthy lifestyle before taking any action. Regular adherence to not particularly complicated recommendations will certainly have a positive impact not only on the quality of our everyday life, but also on our successes in professional life.

How to start being “fit”?

In the context of a healthy lifestyle a sensible approach to diet plays an absolutely key role. It is a well-balanced menu that will leave the greatest mark on all our activities. Therefore, whenever possible, we should reach for fresh products of natural origin, while avoiding fast food, sugar, salt and saturated fats. Our diet should be rich in vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, nuts, legumes and whole grain products. We are what we eat, so let’s take care of our body by providing it with the best possible ingredients, and it will return the favor by functioning superbly.

Bonafit advice?

did you know that a healthy and balanced diet should contain 50 different products per week …

Published by diet catering Monday, November 9, 2020

No less important is regular physical exercise. Doing spot exercise will give us a noticeably better mood, health, and perhaps even higher self-esteem! Setting training goals for ourselves is a challenge, thanks to which we will learn the process of planning, which will bring results also in the professional field. The undeniable advantage of physical activity is an extremely wide range of possibilities – walking, swimming, cycling or running are just some of the most common exercises among sports lovers. It is worth finding the most suitable discipline for yourself so that training is not an unpleasant chore but a daily pleasure!

Another important element is drinking plenty of water. Adequate hydration should become a habit and 2 liters of fluids is an absolute minimum which should be provided to the body every day. Adequate quantity and quality of sleep will also positively affect our quality of life. Of course it is not about the bed becoming our inseparable friend, but 8 hours a day spent in the embrace of Morpheus will be a great regeneration and will equip us with extra energy.

Health monitoring – prevention is better than cure

Even if we think that we follow all the recommendations and lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, under no circumstances should we forget about regular examinations. All, even seemingly small, changes in the functioning of the body should be consulted with an experienced specialist. Thanks to this a possible disease will be detected already in the embryo, which in turn will result in better chances of being cured.

Healthy lifestyle consists of many aspects of our everyday life – from those related to diet and activity, to those concerning mental health. So it’s worth putting the finishing touches on all of them and enjoying every single day!

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