Workout diet for active women – how to choose the optimal one?

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An ideally composed menu for women exercising regularly should guarantee fast metabolism and effective muscle regeneration after training. It must also contribute to the maintenance of the body’s proper performance. Nevertheless, an important issue here is the proper supply of individual macronutrients.

Key principles of a diet for active women

The best way to achieve a slim figure is through training and a diet tailored to your personal predispositions. Only then will it be possible to burn fat effectively and stay in good shape. What should be kept in mind when composing such a menu? The first key issue is the calorie content adjusted to the individual needs of the body. Why is it so important? Regular training leads to an increase in the burning of energy supplied to the body. The associated losses should be taken into account when composing a diet. It should not be too restrictive. In combination with intensive training it can lead to significant weakening of the body and reduction of muscle mass.

In a diet for physically active women you can’t miss protein, which is an essential component for building muscle. Its optimal supply with regular training is about 20 percent. Protein deficiency can lead to muscle tissue burning. Equally important nutrient are carbohydrates which are a key source of energy for the body. Their supply should be about 55 percent. An active woman’s diet cannot lack fats either. They should constitute about 25 percent of the daily energy requirements.

Protein – the most important element in the diet of fit women

Post-workout meal should be rich in products containing protein. This is because this component is necessary for the regeneration of muscles after exercise. This will result in the proper development of muscle tissue. Protein together with carbohydrates contributes to the rebuilding of glycogen, whose reserves are depleted during intense, demanding training.

Protein in the diet of active women is necessary to maintain adequate performance, which is particularly important for people on a reduction diet. The advantages associated with its intake also include the fact that it contributes to accelerating metabolic processes. This is due to the fact that protein is a thermogenics. As a result, metabolic processes are intensified and the rate of calorie burning increases.

Protein is best consumed regularly, in divided portions, around the clock. In this situation, the body …

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It is also worth mentioning here that an increase in the supply of protein in the daily menu has a positive effect on the satiety of particular meals. Even a small amount of protein makes the appetite satisfied for a longer period of time. This eliminates the problem with snacking between meals. To achieve satisfactory training effects, it is recommended to take about 15 – 25 grams of protein after exercise. Whey protein is considered to be the most valuable.

How to adjust the diet to exercise?

The ideal diet suited to exercise is not only one that focuses on the energy content of individual meals or providing the right proportions of key nutrients. It is also important to consume products that cover the body’s requirements for the most important vitamins and minerals – vitamins C, E and B vitamins, as well as potassium and magnesium. These can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, among others. An effective diet for active women involves eating 5 small meals a day at fixed times.

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